To Whom It May Concern: Carrie Youstis is an exceptional young lady. Most everyone knows of her intellectual acumen, lofty ambitions, dancing abilities, and kindness; indeed, she is a sort of legend in her small hometown of Southwest Plainsfield, NJ, but few know of the struggle Carrie endured during her middle years of high school. Carrie had a close friend, Kaya, whom she had met at summer camp. She and Kaya had grown very close during the first two years of high school. During the middle of tenth grade, Carrie received news that Kaya was suffering from a rare degenerative disease. It was terminal, Carrie was told but did not cry. She did not even take a moment to worry about how this might affect her. She simply called me, her principal, and asked if she could miss a few days of school, explaining to me the grave situation. I told her that, of course, she may miss school, provided that she make up her work. Then, before she hung up, Carrie asked me to pray on her friend's behalf, and said, “ I can go on without Kaya --­ I have many friends and I will mourn but I have a wonderful life. Kaya is suffering so much, though, and when it’ s all over, that will be it for her. And she is her mother’ s only child. How will she go on?” I was so impressed that Carrie was thinking about everyone affected except herself: Kaya, Kaya’ s mother, but not Carrie Youstis. Such maturity. Carrie knew she had a wonderful life, a belief in God, but she felt for others so profoundly. Carrie visited Kaya often for several months, always bringing her cards and flowers and of course, good cheer. Kaya finally passed away that Spring, and Carrie made sure to visit the mother every week that following summer. You will read of Carrie's grades and scores and sports abilities, of her awards and accolades; I wanted to relate this episode, as it characterizes what this remarkable young lady is really all about. As she graduates high school, I and all of Southwest Plainsfield are so sad to see her go, but realize that she is destined to effect great things far beyond the narrow confines of a small town in New Jersey. Sincerely, Esti Iturralde Principal, North Southwest Plainsfield High School 这是封好的推荐信,只用了一二个特别的形用词,是事实树起被推荐人的形象 无老师转载自海外网站



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